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from surviving to thriving

Everything you've gone through has brought you to this moment and time right now.

All the pain, trauma and past experiences you have been through have created the life, body and wealth that you have right now.

You are an amazing creator.

The thing is - everything you have now has been created based on your past.

It is all based on beliefs, programs and judgments that you have learned and created as your own.

this mastermind was designed to

*Heal traumas and pain from your body.

*Regulate your nervous system so you can feel safe in your body.

*Reconnect YOU to your body so you can stop fighting who you are.

*Raise your energy by clearing fears, beliefs and programs that are constantly running in the background.

*Focus on what you actually desire your life to look like and create that life.

in these 12 weeks we will focus on

 * Healing and reprogramming your mind

* Setting you up for success 

* Clear your UNCONSIOUS PATTERNS so you can create the life you desire.

in our 12 private sessions 

*We will zoom in on what is keeping you stuck and create a “blueprint” for the life you desire.


*I will apply tools, methods and healing meditations to help you stay on track while supporting you every step of the way.

*I'll be using the unique healing method I've perfected over the past 17 years to release deep traumas and subconscious fears and beliefs to heal your body from the inside out and give you the emotional relief you desire.

in our 12 group sessions

 I will answer questions about any resistance or stuck emotions that arise for you. 


PLUS after our 12 weeks are over you get a year of monthly reinforcement and energy alignment sessions with me in a group setting.


I created this to help you stay on track, keep you accountable, and support you on your journey.

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The reason you haven't found the love of your life, the money you desire or feel good in your body isn't because you're not good enough or not doing enough.

it's because you have UNCONSIOUS programs running in the background that are running the show.


It's because your body is holding onto trauma that may be hidden, keeping you feeling anxious, fearful and exhausted.


Without doing the inner work to heal your body and reclaim your mind you can't possibly create and attract what you truly desire in life. 


Working with women for over 17 years and learning different healing techniques and therapy modalities I know there is a genuine, powerful method to heal and reconnect to your body so you feel safe, happy, at ease and can trust your knowing again.

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Hello Beautiful
I'm Mor

As a child I experienced a plethora of traumas, abuse and loss.

My parents got divorced, my father passed away, and as a teen I was sexually abused.

I hated my body and felt like I didn't want to be here anymore.

I just wanted to disappear.

I felt like everything was too much and I didn’t want to handle it anymore.

I was so disconnected from my body I felt numb, lethargic and exhausted. 

Having ADHD and being dyslexic didn't help my self esteem either so feeling not good enough was my state of mind.

I felt like if I could disapear I would make everyone's lives better.

At this point I had been going to therapy for years, taking meds and receiving energy healings but nothing seemed to get me out of my low mental state.


I knew that something had to change, and even though I was the person my friends always turned to when they needed help, advice, or a shoulder to cry on, I didn't know what to do to help myself.

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One night I had a dream and woke up with this message in my head - “Heal your Powerhouse” and help other women heal their powerhouse and reconnect to their bodies. 


This message has sent me on a self exploration and healing journey. 

This is how I crafted

"Diamond Status"

Together, we will embark on your self healing journey.

I will provide you with tools and healing meditations to release past traumas and reprogram your mind so you can finally feel safe, happy, empowered and level headed.


You will be in a place of ease, peace of mind and relaxation where you don't need to try to fit in because you know you are perfect just the way you are.


I'm going to use all the tools, methods and modalities i've learned and acquired over the past 17 years that have helped me and hundreds of women (and some men) all over the world to 

let go of their past, connect and heal their body, reclaim their inner voice and power, and create the life they desire.


I will teach you all of the important lessons and mindset shifts i've learned on my own journey from anxious, depressed and suicidal TO stress free, happy and successful.

Are you ready to finally choose YOU and heal your past to create the life you desire?

Sign up now and take this journey for

DM me for payment options!

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You can sign up today for as little as $222 (1).png

Hear directly from a client 

"Mor is just amazing! She is such a gifted Energy Healer.
Especially when it comes to clearing out toxins from your body and for all things relationships.
I had the honor to be in a Mastermind with Mor and got to experience her transformational sessions.
She puts so much Love and Soul into everything that she does.
Get ready for a huge and beautiful transformation in your Life!"

Etti Segel

Client Since 2017

Finoa Rose

Client Since 2010

Christona Popovic

Client Since 2021

Are you tired of:


Feeling anxious, depressed or alone?


*Experiencing pain and discomfort?



*Being exhausted, lethargic and fatigued?


*Having low libido or feeling body shame?


*Trying everything from meds to therapy, drugs, alcohol, even meditation and nothing REALLY changes?

I see you!

You are here for a reason!

Diamond status is  what you were asking and  waiting for all along!

Brought to you by
Morph Healing

diamond status includes but is not limited to:




Healing your body from past and hidden traumas on an energetic and cellular level.

Heal your inner child, inner teen and regulate your nervous system.   





Deleting the negative back talk, judgments and beliefs that are running in the background that are keeping you stuck, creating the same recurring situations and experiences that are keeping you in a loop, not able to break the patterns that keep showing up.

Reprogramming and learning to differentiate your thoughts, feelings and beliefs from others.





Bringing YOU back! Reconnecting to your body and energy, activating your inner power and







We will create the “dream life blueprint” you can follow, to create the life you desire and bring your dreams to life, while clearing any past beliefs and emotions that arise in this process that have kept you stuck in the past.

* Pre- recorded Chakra Healing and Activation Meditation -


* A self guided healing session for each chakra. 


* Activating and aligning it with your energy and power




Access to a private group, hosted by me, composed of supportive, likeminded and powerful women that are either in the same place you are or have been but have changed their lives and relationship and are here to help support you and be there for you to lean on.

You will no longer need to try to figure out “what's wrong with you” or” why life is happening the way it is” or” why people don't understand you”.


You are going to create your life from CHOICE and AWARENESS 

Instead of CAUSE and EFFECT.

With these 12 weekly private 60 min sessions and 12 weekly group sessions you have DIRECT ACCESS to me TWICE a week!! 

Thats 2 times the healings!

I want to make sure that after we DO the work you know that you're not alone and you have support for whatever comes up in your world after our 12 weeks together so to GUARANTEE your success I've included a membership for the private support group free of charge for a year!

With DIAMOND STATUS you are getting over $10,220 of value!

12 Private Healing Sessions

12 group coaching and activation sessions

monthly healing sessions and accountabiliy followup

private group mastermind class

Your own dreamlife blueprint

chakra activation

creating the life you desire, loving your life and having total ease

You can sign up today for as little as $222 (1).png

You can sign up today for as little as $222

(take advantage of our easy 12 mo payment plan


3 Payments of $888

(value of $2600)


Take advantage of our 


Pay in Full Option $2222

(get $1000 OFF plus $888 in FREE exclusive bonuses


This special is for a limited time only and the spots are limited

(only 10 spots available)

Due to the intimate nature of this work, if you are still feeling ANXIOUS about saying YES then I would love to get to know you in person, learn about you and your unique needs and see if we are a good fit.


You can sign up today for as little as $222 (1).png

What Clients Have to Say:

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"My experience with Mor has filled my life with ease, laughter and love. Together we discovered the root of why I’ve had headaches for most of my life. This discovery has been transformational for me. The tools Mor has shared with me to use throughout my days keeps me connected to my higher self. I feel more grounded and in a place where space, grace and abundance flows. Sweet Blessings, Sarah”

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Barbara Leony

“Mor is amazing.  She helped me in so many ways and my journey with her has been truly transformational.  The energy work that she does helped me deal with a number of issues and resulted in less pain in my body, improved walking ability, less insomnia, a deeper connection to family and friends (yes, it can be done even during COVID-19 times), a more positive outlook on life, and the ability to think of and bring about possibilities that I would not have dreamed of prior to my energy work with Mor.  I highly recommend working with Mor on from something as “simple” as feeling “stuck” in your life to more complex trauma or lifelong issues.”​


Fiona Rose

Mor is a bright light in my life! She has lit the way in my tunnels of darkness, inspired me to rise above my limiting beliefs, and clear old sexual & relationship traumas that in the past kept me stuck in a cycle of abusive relationships. She helped me also come to full acceptance of my psychic and mediumship powers, which has GREATLY changed my business and services. She is bold, honest, beautiful and strong! I love her so much. Thank you for changing my life for the better!


Mor is just amazing! She is such a gifted Energy Healer, especially when it comes to clearing out toxins from your body and for all things relationships. I had the honor to be in a Mastermind with Mor and got to experience her transformational sessions. She puts so much Love and Soul into everything that she does. Get ready for a huge and beautiful transformation in your Life!


Mor is incredible. She is passionate, fiery, caring and kind. I had the honor of working with Mor as my coach and she truly helped me to shift my energy and heal some deep wounds that I hadn't been able to clear even through many other modalities. I had such a powerful experience with her personally that I asked her to collaborate on a coaching program and facilitate energy healing sessions for my private mastermind clients. She was a phenomenal contribution to the team and all of my clients raved about her. I highly highly recommend working and/or collaborating with her. Thank you Mor for being your incredible self.


Who is this for?

For any woman dealing with anxiety, depression, low libido, stress, fatigue, or body pain.

For anyone feeling mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually drained and depleted but is finally ready to Choose her!

Ready to feel happy, healthy, empowered, full of life and energy.  Ready to do the work. Heal her body. Love her body. Lead herself and is purpose driven.

Ready to find her self, activate her inner fire and inner peace.  All while Having peace of mind.

when are the group sessions?

Every Thursday at 12pm Pst.
You will be able to watch the replay and send your questions in during the week.

how do i book my private sessions?

Upon buying the program you will receive a detailed email with your own calendar link to schedule your private sessions. 

how long do i have access?

You will access for a whole  year.

what happens after i select my payment and checkout?

As soon as you sign up for Diamond Status, you will receive your Welcome Email that contains detailed and simple instructions on what you need to do next, calendar links to schedule your private sessions, a Zoom link for your live group sessions, as well as any Bouns offers you'll receive. 
Also, you will immediately have access to join the private Diamond Status Facebook group.

do you guarantee results?

If you do the work, commit yourself 100%, follow the processes step-by-step, show up to our private sessions and group session (or watch the replay) you will experience more success than you’ve ever before thought possible. But because I can’t guarantee that you’ll do the work, I can’t guarantee that you’ll get results. It’s your responsibility to go all in and take initiative for your own success. I can not guarantee specific results. I can only share my personal methods around body and mind Energetics, This program contains everything I know that helped me and my clients create a life of ease and joy.

do you give refunds?

Due to the nature of this program and the proprietary and exclusive content provided, there are no refunds available.

Payment is due in full whether you choose to participate or not.

I have more questions?

For any other questions or tech issues, please send an email to: 

It's time to stop barely surviving and start thriving. 

Now is the time 


I see you

You are here for a reason 



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