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Energy Healing: Frequently Asked Questions 


What is Energy Healing?

Our modality of Energy Healing is an advanced technique that empowers clients to transform their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual shame and pain, into confidence, freedom, and self-love. This is done with an advanced Certified Energy Healer. This is a deeply transformative experience that can help clients transform and grow on all levels of their being: Body, mind, spirit-including clearing traumas and memories from past lives. 


This healing focuses on the subconscious mind, which is directly connected to the body. We work with the body and mind together, for the best results. All sessions are focused on the foundation of our practice: That all changes in the body and mind first come from a place of love. Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe to assist and support our growth, transformations and healing.


How does this work?


Sessions are done via phone or video chat with your Certified Healer or in person for a VIP day or in a private retreat.  Clients agree to be in a quiet and safe space, with the minimal amount of distractions, such as their office or home, so they can be a fully active participant of the transformative experience. 


Most clients experience a step by step release of stuck emotions, painful memories, physical, emotional trauma, and negative or self limiting beliefs. Clients then experience a replacement and reprogramming of their brains and body with positive and empowering emotions and belief systems that support their highest and best goals. 


Clients report experiencing instant feelings of peace, harmony, and joy within their body and mind. This process takes time and patience, and clients are able to experience spontaneous healing of body, mind and spirit. 


This unique style of healing focuses on transforming and changing the subconscious patterns, agreements, challenges and issues that the client is ready and committed to change. 

What does it feel like?

The experience feels different for different people, and each body is different and unique. Some people feel a tingling or buzzing sensation in their head or body, and some do not. Some clients do experience physical release during sessions, in the form of detox or various sensations. 


Most clients report feeling more alert, calm, focused and centered during the sessions and afterwards, some do not. Most people feel relaxed and at ease. What’s most important is to know that how you feel isn’t an indicator of how effective it is. Regardless of what it feels like - it’s working. I promise. 


What if I think I already know the reasons behind my issue? 


What makes energy healing amazing is that even if you think you know the reason, you have the opportunity to see and feel it in a COMPLETELY new way. That’s what allows you to change your beliefs, feelings and thoughts in a deeper and highly effective manner. And for many clients they go back to scenes and memories in their lives that are totally different than what they expected. We suggest you have faith and trust that your subconscious mind will show you exactly what you need to work on and transform in your sessions.

What if I go back to scenes that are painful or scary?

If you go back to scenes from your life that are related to things like sexual or physical abuse, or other trauma, it’s important to remember that you are not reliving that scene, you are simply reviewing it and that you are safe. I will support you and create a safe space for you to express your emotions and heal - you’ll be OK.


When will I start to see changes?

There are 3 types of changes from Energy Healing - every person is different:  

1. Immediate: You feel a massive shift right away - immediate changes in your physiology, thoughts and behaviors right in the session. 

2. Incremental: You see consistent shifts every day, or over time. 

3. Retroactive: You don’t see the shifts right away and then one day you suddenly look back and see all of the things that are different in your life.

What else is possible for you and your body?

What changes are your body, mind and soul ready for?

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