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Ep 129: Decoding Decades of Love with Monica Tanner

Updated: Jun 4

This week on Mom's Talk Sex Podcast, host Mor Yelvington welcomes relationship expert Monica Tanner. As a coach and podcaster, Monica's mission is to improve marriages through communication, intimacy and conflict resolution.

Monica shares her insights on what keeps older couples together even after decades. How do relationships evolve when kids leave home and new life stages, like menopause, are reached?

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Decoding Decades of Love with Monica Tanner

Listen in as Monica discusses the secrets of long-lasting love with thoughtful strategies. From managing changing hormones to maintaining connection, she offers wisdom for enhancing partnerships over time.

Whether you're newlyweds wanting to build a strong foundation or decades-long couples seeking a refresh, this episode delivers insights. For anyone invested in lifelong love, Monica's nuanced perspective provides motivation and tools to weather both challenges and growth together.

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