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Ep 130: How To Have Better Orgasms with Tanja Diamond

This week on Mom's Talk Sex Podcast, host Mor Yelvington speaks with intimacy expert Tanja Diamond.

With over 40 years helping couples enhance their sex lives, Tanja shares why arousal is so important to cultivate daily - not just wait around for the "mood." As moms, we give our all to others while neglecting our own needs.

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How To Have Better Orgasms with Tanja Diamond

Tanja explains how simple self-pleasuring practices can help regulate the nervous system. By making time for relaxation without an expectation of genital stimulation, it creates space for the subconscious mind to allow arousal.

Discover how reframing intimacy as self-care can benefit your relationship and overall well-being. Tune in for an enlightening chat on the underestimated yet essential topic of daily arousal cultivation.

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Facebook: Tanja.Diamond


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