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Ep 131: Behind the Scenes of Demetria Buie's Upcoming Romance Novel

Updated: Jun 19

This week on Mom's Talk Sex and More, host Mor Yelvington sits down with entrepreneur and author Demetria Buie.

As the founder of a women's magazine, Demetria has created an empowering platform for real life stories. She now takes listeners behind-the-scenes of writing her first romance novel, using an aspirational fictional scenario.

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Behind the Scenes of Demetria Buie's Upcoming Romance Novel

Demetria also shares personal tales from her past, discussing childhood traumas and the healing journey to become the strong woman she is today. Her candid reflections offer wisdom on overcoming life's challenges.

Whether pursuing creative passions or personal growth, Demetria's multi-faceted conversation inspires. For anyone seeking empowerment or needing a safe space, tune in as this motivating mother and business leader spreads a message of hope.

Learn more about Demetria's projects while gaining perspective on harnessing life experiences for the betterment of self and community. Her compelling discussion is not to be missed!

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