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Connect to your body

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Hey beautiful.

My name is Mor, I am a happily married mom of 3.

I've been helping women heal sexual trauma and connect to their bodies for over 17 years now, so they have the loving relationship they desire.

I believe life is too short and every day is a gift.

I've experienced my own traumas and I'm here to share my knowledge and experience with you.

you are here for a reason.
I see you.

Does it seem easy to dream about the life you want but when the time comes to create that life it seems like all of your beliefs, ideas and fears start rolling in and stop you from progressing?

This is because without doing the work to heal those fears, without clearing those past beliefs from your mind & body, it's very hard for the universe to send you the things that you desire.

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"My experience with Mor has filled my life with ease, laughter and love. Together we discovered the root of why I’ve had headaches for most of my life. This discovery has been transformational for me. The tools Mor has shared with me to use throughout my days keeps me connected to my higher self. I feel more grounded and in a place where space, grace and abundance flows. Sweet Blessings, Sarah”

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Barbara Leony

“Mor is amazing.  She helped me in so many ways and my journey with her has been truly transformational.  The energy work that she does helped me deal with a number of issues and resulted in less pain in my body, improved walking ability, less insomnia, a deeper connection to family and friends (yes, it can be done even during COVID-19 times), a more positive outlook on life, and the ability to think of and bring about possibilities that I would not have dreamed of prior to my energy work with Mor.  I highly recommend working with Mor on from something as “simple” as feeling “stuck” in your life to more complex trauma or lifelong issues.”​


Fiona Rose

Mor is a bright light in my life! She has lit the way in my tunnels of darkness, inspired me to rise above my limiting beliefs, and clear old sexual & relationship traumas that in the past kept me stuck in a cycle of abusive relationships. She helped me also come to full acceptance of my psychic and mediumship powers, which has GREATLY changed my business and services. She is bold, honest, beautiful and strong! I love her so much. Thank you for changing my life for the better!


Mor is just amazing! She is such a gifted Energy Healer, especially when it comes to clearing out toxins from your body and for all things relationships. I had the honor to be in a Mastermind with Mor and got to experience her transformational sessions. She puts so much Love and Soul into everything that she does. Get ready for a huge and beautiful transformation in your Life!


Mor is incredible. She is passionate, fiery, caring and kind. I had the honor of working with Mor as my coach and she truly helped me to shift my energy and heal some deep wounds that I hadn't been able to clear even through many other modalities. I had such a powerful experience with her personally that I asked her to collaborate on a coaching program and facilitate energy healing sessions for my private mastermind clients. She was a phenomenal contribution to the team and all of my clients raved about her. I highly highly recommend working and/or collaborating with her. Thank you Mor for being your incredible self.

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