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Ep 126: Breaking the Taboos - Rebeca Gets Real on Sex, Money and Mindsets

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Breaking the Taboos - Rebeca Lima Gets Real on Sex, Money and Mindsets

In today’s episode of Mom's Talk Sex Podcast, host Mor Yelvington sits down with money and mindset coach Rebeca Lima.

Rebeca opens up about her journey from living in her car after leaving an emotionally abusive relationship, to now thriving in prosperity. She discusses her realization that one's relationship with money is shaped from a young age by how parents discuss finances.

Tackling taboo topics, Rebeca draws parallels between money and sex - both private matters influenced by family attitudes and programmed thoughts. Through her own hard-won experiences, she's uncovered that cultivating abundance over scarcity mindsets is key.

Listen as Rebeca delves into topics like dependency versus independence, and how reframing one's internal dialogue around money paved the way for greater success and fulfillment. For any mother wanting to break limiting beliefs or empower their kids, this thought-provoking conversation provides valuable lessons on relationships, self-worth and prosperity.

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