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Ep 125: Shiloh Minor Shares Secrets to Sparking Romance for Moms

Updated: May 14

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Shiloh Minor Shares Secrets to Sparking Romance for Moms

In this insightful episode of Mom's Talk Sex Podcast, host Mor Yelvington sits down with love and marriage coach Shiloh Minor.

Shiloh shares her philosophy on maintaining romance, passion and satisfaction in long-term relationships without resorting to traditional therapy. She emphasizes the importance of indulging in the little things that made you fall in love initially, before the distractions of parenthood take over.

Shiloh stresses that while children need attention, mothers must also make time and space to nurture themselves and their partnerships. From focusing on self-care to understanding a partner's needs to powerful communication, Shiloh outlines the four pillars of real love that keep connections thriving for years.

Listen in as Shiloh offers tactical yet simple advice, such as prioritizing self-love over being "a shell of yourself." Tune in for empowering guidance for moms wanting to strengthen intimacy and rekindle that first spark with their life partners. This is a must for any couple hoping to maintain a fulfilling relationship amidst the challenges of modern motherhood.

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