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Ep 132: Navigating Sex Talks with Kids with Expert Monique Derouen

This week on Mom's Talk Sex, host Mor Yelvington sits down with mind-body coach Monique Derouen.

As an expert in helping families overcome painful patterns, Monique shares her insights on how to discuss sex positivity, puberty, and open communication with kids. She offers guidance on determining the right age to initiate talks, as well as age-appropriate language.

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Navigating Sex Talks with Kids with Expert Monique Derouen

Monique also provides perspective on awkward moments parents may face, like if children happen to witness intimacy. She explains strategies for handling these situations in a calm, informative manner.

Listen in as Monique aims to normalize open communication on sexuality and build healthy attitudes around consent and boundaries. From breaking taboos to raising sexually healthy adults, her nuanced techniques empower parents.

Whether you've hesitated having the talk or want to enhance existing conversations about child development and guidance, this episode delivers tools to establish life-long understanding and confidence within families. Tune in for practical advice to guide crucial discussions with care, honesty and comfort.

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