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Ep 133: Discover How to Boost Your Libido Naturally with Fertility Expert Mama Jane Snyder

Updated: Jun 27

This week on Mom's Talk Sex, host Mor Yelvington sits down with Wisdom Wellness Coaching founder, Mama Jane Snyder.

As a Certified Catholic Life Coach and trained Billings Ovulation Method instructor, Mama Jane helps women understand their fertility through charting their individual signs and cycles. She explains how contraceptives can cause sexual trauma by distancing us from our natural rhythms.

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Liberate Your Libido the All-Natural Way with Mama Jane Snyder

Listen in as Mama Jane advocates for Natural Fertility Awareness and its benefits. Gently unraveling prevailing misconceptions, she discusses how learning the four phases of our cycle empowers us to embrace sexuality on our own terms.

Whether contemplating family planning options or seeking a more holistic mind-body approach, Mama Jane's insightful discussion provides perspective. Tune in for this compassionate coach's view on cultivating a balanced, cycle-aligned sense of self and relationships through understanding the elegant language of fertility.

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