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Matriarch Membership


A gym membership for your soul! I believe every mother on this planet is a born leader Somewhere in the process of giving birth and raising children we forget who we truly are and what our calling is… We let the past dictate our future And let the needs of others run the show. We let life lead us instead of taking charge and leading ourselves and our family We forgot the power and wisdom we hold. We take it for granted. The Matriarch Program is a soul led journey back to you! It is a 6 months -commitment to you- A commitment to go back to your roots and reclaim your power In these 6 months we will get together twice a month for live sessions where there will be live facilitations, q&a, guided body process and meditation. Where you will be surrounded by loving like minded women like yourself to support you on your healing journey. There is a very powerful energy created when women come together as a community and a sisterhood As a member of the matriarch program you will receive Tips, tools, new techniques and healing modalities to support you and your family Discounts, freebies and direct access to Mor and the valuable knowledge she has acquired for the past 18 years working with women all over the world.



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