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Introducing The Matriarch Intensive

As moms, we spend so much of our time worrying, being stressed out, overwhelmed, caring for everyone and everything around us while ignoring our own desires and needs. 

What kind of mom are you?

The thing is how can you create a safe space if you don't feel safe? How can you create a calm and loving environment when you don't feel calm or loving?


And definitely not very loving towards yourself. 


How can you be caring for others? When you can't care for yourself. 


In this reality, we've been conditioned to judge our progress based on other people ideas of perfection but what if that had nothing to do with your life, or your dreams?

When was the last time you stopped, looked and tuned into what you actually desire to create?

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When was the last time you actually decided to lead your life? Instead of just, letting life lead you. 

We tend to believe that life happens to us. 

But we are LIFE

And without our lead, 

We all get lost in the mix.