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Matriarch Intensive

Showing you the way to step into your power and own your truth so you don't need to look outside for validation and fulfillment

What kind of Mom are you?


Do you really want to let loose and take it easy…


but the fear and anxiety take over??


The constant worry, wanting to keep your kids safe and trying to control it all?


The fear of failure

The fear of disappointment

The fear of not being good enough

The fear of raising animals. 


And the overall fear of  failing as a mother. 


As moms, we spend so much of our time worrying, being stressed out, overwhelmed, caring for everyone and everything around us while ignoring our own desires and needs. 


The thing is how can you create a safe space if you don't feel safe? How can you create a calm and loving environment when you don't feel calm or loving?


And definitely not very loving towards yourself. 


How can you be caring for others? When you can't care for yourself. 


In this reality, we've been conditioned to judge our progress based on other people ideas of perfection but what if that had nothing to do with your life, 


And your dreams. 


When was the last time you stopped, looked and tuned into what you actually desire to create. 


When was the last time you actually decided to lead your life? Instead of just, letting life lead you. 


We tend to believe that life happens to us. 


But we are LIFE

And without our lead, 


We all get lost in the mix. 


As a Matriarch. 


You step into your true wisdom,

your true power,

your true knowledge. 


You own your truth. 

You own your capacity. 


When you step into your true essence. 

And you align with your desires. 


You can create a safe haven. 

For you and for your family. 

In this 5 module container we will deep dive into the energetics of the matriarch.

I will show you that exact way I:

  • turned my relationships with me kids around 

  • created a more intimate relationship with my husband 

  • turned our mornings from chaos to calm

  • turned our evening to family connection time

  • created more space and time for myself

  • got my kids to communicate better so the fighting and arguing are a lot less predominant 


You will receive a tool box with tools you can use in your everyday life to create more ease and a lot less anxiety around tough times


I will show you they way to step into your power and own your truth so you don't need to look outside for validation and fulfillment 


This will allow your kids to feel more safe, more secure and more confident 


And as usual- I constantly over deliver so there will always be a lot Mor!!! 

Presented by Mor Yelvington
Founder & CEO at Morph Healing

Hello Beautiful, I am Mor

As a child I experienced a plethora of traumas, abuse and loss.

My parents got divorced, my father passed away, and as a teen I was sexually abused.

I hated my body and felt like I didn't want to be here anymore.

I just wanted to disappear.

I felt like everything was too much and I didn’t want to handle it anymore.

I was so disconnected from my body.

I felt numb, lethargic and exhausted. 

Having ADHD and being dyslexic didn't help my self esteem either so feeling

not good enough was my state of mind.

I felt like if I could disappear I would make everyone's lives better.

At this point I had been going to therapy for years, taking

meds and receiving energy healings but nothing seemed to

get me out of my low mental state.

I knew that something had to change, and even though I was the

person my friends always turned to when they needed help, advice,

or a shoulder to cry on, I didn't know what to do to help myself.


One night I had a dream and woke up with this message in my head 

“Heal your Powerhouse” and help other women heal their powerhouse and reconnect to their bodies. 

This message has sent me on a self exploration and healing journey. 

This is for you if...

✨️You wish for a better life for you and your family 

✨️You are done feeling overwhelmed, tired, irritated and angry 

✨️You desire to feel good in your home

✨️You desire to live a happy, fulfilling life where your kids get to be a contribution to you.

✨️You desire to spark that fire again with your person. 

✨️You desire to learn new ways to create more ease and peace in your life

I invite you to bring up and feel ALL your doubts, fears, excuse, reasoning why you can't come play 

>>> It won't work 

(The #1 review I get is " before mor I tried it ALL ! Working with Mor was a game changers)


>>> It's too expensive 

( let me tell you a secret, it's never about the money…. It's about how much you value yourself and only you know how much you are worth. I already know you are gold)


>>> I don't have time 

(I know I never have time either this is way this is a self paced, recorded program. You get life access to watch on your own time and space, you know, while you are doing the dishes, folding the laundry, driving kids to sports..)

Mor was AMAZING to work with. I’ve been going to therapy for a very long time and one month with Mor created much more healing than the years I’ve been in therapy. Truly an incredible experience and I highly recommend it!

Peyton E.

If you still have questions I would love to get to know you in person

Feel free to book a free consultation call

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