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  • Free Consultation

    Ideal for Curious Customers!
    Free Plan
    • 1 free 45 minute phone or video chat with a Coach
  • Love • Commitment • Expectations

    This class will set your heart free so you can feel deeply and be open to love again.
    • You can rewatch this class any time you want!
    • Clear all the subconscious beliefs you have about Love
    • Dive into the expectations you have for you and your partner
    • Receive tools to attract or rekindle with your soul mate
    • Get to know your love language and how you present it
  • Manifest 2024 Class

    Learn techniques that will help you unlock your true potential and create the life of your dreams
    • You can rewatch this class anytime you want!
  • A Journey to Self-Discovery Class

    Clear subconscious beliefs and energy blocks that are keeping you stuck.
    • Rewatch as many times as you need!

    A journey to the promised land that is YOU
    • Day 1 - Clear emotional baggage and fears
    • Day 2 - Tap into the limiting beliefs
    • Day 3 - We will create a new vision
    • Day 4 - Alignment with the elements and Chakras
    • Day 5 - The happy, healthy, free YOU
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