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Hello Beautiful

I am here to empower you to heal your powerhouse, connect to your true essence, activate your highest vibration, and create the life YOU desire!


My name is Mor Yelvington

I am a wife and mother of 3.


I was born in Israel and moved to the US in 2005. 


I've been doing Energy work and body healing for over 17 years now.


I've always known, I was different. And it that my mission on this planet was different 


I've got a strong message from the universe At the age of 20. 


That I'm supposed to help Empower women, heal their Powerhouse and raise the feminine vibration on our Planet by 


Connecting to their true essences and reclaiming their power.


And that is what I'm here to do. 


I call this the diamond Effect.


I am honored to have you here.

I believe you are here for a reason 

And I see you for who you really are.


I'm beyond excited to be part of your journey.




Jennifer, Verified Client

“Where do I even begin, I met Mor back in 2016. Seems like 10 years ago. We immediately clicked... My ... sessions with Mor include feeling incredibly relaxed, more confident, more love for myself. If you haven't had a session with Mor yet, do it! You will feel amazing. She is an amazing human and healer.” 


Orna, Verified Client

“Almost a year ago, Mor did some Bars work with me. I can't say enough how clearing it was for me, and how continually supportive Mor has been for my growing health, happiness, and self-love. She's amazing.” 


Katie, Verified Client

“Mor has done several sessions for me over the last 10 years and each time has been amazing. I definitely would not be where I am in life today without her amazing abilities. If you need help with any aspect of your life she is the person to go to!” 

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