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Episode 124: A Mom's Journey of Healing - Coach Amanda Kingsley on Abortion, Intimacy and Transformation

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A Mom's Journey of Healing: Amanda Kingsley on Abortion, Intimacy and Transformation

In this powerful episode of Mom's Talk Sex and MORE, host Mor Yelvington interviews Amanda Kingsley – a certified feminist life coach, doula, change worker and host of the Speaking Light Into Abortion podcast.

Amanda courageously shares her personal story of choosing abortion after finding herself pregnant again as her three children grew older and more independent. She reflects on initially feeling regretful and questioning whether she could have "done enough" to prevent the situation, however, after much honest discussion between her and her husband, both agreed that it was the best choice for them and the life they wanted to build.

Amanda emphasizes that navigating this difficult decision strengthened her relationship with her husband and their intimacy, as they supported each other. She discusses the comfort of physical intimacy during this vulnerable time, which aided her healing process both emotionally and from the sexual trauma of abortion.

Tune in as Amanda talks candidly about working through her fears and reframing her experience in a positive light. For any woman who has survived abortion, or couples facing unplanned pregnancy, this is an essential conversation around reproductive choice, sexual wellness and the power of intimacy during life's challenges.

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